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Technical skills vs. Artistic abilities

I have a friend who built his own site years ago when everything was code. He really was ahead of his time. Him and about 80% of the businesses who built a website six years ago are now behind the times. Six years ago it was not an art to build a website it was a technical skill that few had actually mastered. Now, an artist can build something that is not only beautiful but functional and without knowing a lot of code. Not long ago it was a big deal to have something at all, now we are a species that is also looking for something functionally and aesthetically pleasing. We are in an era of beautifully designed apps, websites that work on a mobile device and on a computer at home and we want MORE!

Something I have faced countless times now, is convincing a business that built a website years ago and probably paid a high premium for, to rebuild from scratch, grow with the times and adapt. How do you convince someone that even if their site works it also should be just as beautiful? Silly little .gif animations are now being replaced by html5 and beautiful 3d renderings. Computer screens are getting a facelift with higher resolution monitors. Computers shortly will also be 3d (without glasses) and will be controlled completely by hand gestures and voice (thats right your relic for a keyboard and that silly thing dangling from a wire known as a mouse are going to be extinct.) I say adapt or die! Get mobile, get high Res and keep up with the times because if you don’t, someone smarter and younger is going to come in and eat up your life of equity!….

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